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Effective Training Requires Experience & Lots Of It and the lack of it is perhaps the reason why I get many dogs entered into my program who have already been through a group or two and they still do not obey their owners.

Shirlee with Trainee and Owner

Hi, my name is Lee Lindner and I've been around a long time.  I'm not a twenty something with only a desire to be a trainer.  I am a trainer who has individually and successfully trained a great many dogs of most breeds and of all ages and backgrounds.

The exuberant twenty somethings may have their own dog trained and possibly even titled but they fall far short of solving the problems of most dog owners, and that is to have a well behaved dog in the home and for the dog to be reliable in obeying commands without being turned into a robot.

My personal dogs are permitted to enjoy life and are, I must confess, a little spoiled BUT when I give a command they obey, and that is what most people want for their pets.

I formed Success Dog Training in 1997 but my experience goes far beyond that.  Formerly having bred German Shepherds and also Dachshunds under the kennel name of Hhelms Kennels which was registered with the A.K.C., I have much experience with the A.K.C. both in the conformation ring and in obedience trials. I have also been involved in Schutzhund, a German training program, and as such my training style is unique, combining the strength of Schutzhund obedience with A.K.C. obedience, using only positive methods and getting quick results!

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