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A Well-Trained Dog Is a Pleasure to Own.

An Obedient Dog in Six Painless Weeks

Sound impossible? Too good to be true? 

In fact this is exactly what happens here at Success Dog Training

It is our belief that no dog is untrainable, and for a training program to be really successful the one-size-fits-all mentality must be thrown out the window.  Each dog is as individual as we are and that is why we train individually, one-on-one, in a calm, quiet setting so that the dog can concentrate and learn to obey.  No noisy, hectic group classes, no jerk and yank on a chain collar, no shock collars.  We do everything positively to build the dog's self-confidence and to permit him to learn, and the dogs love coming here.

Here at SUCCESS most of the training is done indoors but some time is spent working outdoors also.  We must be able to control the dog at all times.  Working the dog outdoors, with birds, squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks darting around at different times presents us with the opportunity to train the dog to obey in these situations.  Once we have control of the dog, I also bring out one of my dogs to work alongside because the presence of another dog is the ultimate distraction.

*  We correct any jumping up on people.
*  We correct play biting.
*  We train the dog to walk on a loose leash without pulling.
*  We teach the sit and down off-leash with distractions and to stay there until released.
* We achieve a reliable come when called.
*  With my unique training method the dog is not only learning to obey these commands but he is also learning self-control. 

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